Japanese Traditional Tableware

Use Japanese traditional tableware to enjoy different food for different seasons


        Japan has four seasons and each has their distinctive characteristics that have a deep relationship with daily life. The solar calendar has been used as an official calendar since early Meiji period and a lot of events have been held by using the calendar until present days. However, some events are still passed down and are held by using the lunar calendar such as the first day of spring, which is called “Rissyun”, which happen every 4th of February and the first day of summer, which is called “Rikka”, which happens every around 5th of May as the start of the season.


       The reason why it is intimately interrelated between the daily eating and the lunar calendar is that people didn’t have greenhouses like what we have today and every natural ingredient has its season. People have eaten food that make body cooler when it was hot and people have eaten foods that make body warmer when it was cold by checking the lunar calendar because they have believed that they could keep their healthy life if they keep eating seasonal food following the lunar calendar.


         It is said that people can extend the length of their life 75 days more if they eat the first food of the season when they use the lunar calendar. They believe that they can have more healthy life from fresh and seasonal food that has strong energy.


       The idea of seasonal food still remains with Japanese cuisine, which is called “Wa Shoku.” Today and we can have the dishes that are made from the fresh and seasonal ingredients. The skill and heart of “Wa Shoku” are not only its ingredients, flavor and decoration of dishes, but also tableware, tools, and the decoration of the room that have been used to create the ambience of “Wa Shoku”.


        The Japanese aesthetics is connected with the heart of awe that care about the nature. You can enjoy Japanese life style with the feelings of the power and beauty of nature by using the calendar that indicate the seasonal changes.


          Use Japanese traditional tableware to enjoy different food for different seasons. You can enjoy the dishes by using your favorite tableware and feel comfortable with your favorite flavors.



Japanese Crafts, the Spirit of the Craftspersonship


         From the distant past to the current day, the things that are made by human hands certainly reflect the heart of the craftsperson or artisan. The things that you are using everyday are made and retouched a lot by them and then displayed in showcases. When you take a look at tableware and feel that they are useful for a lot of things and people, you are immediately in touch with the spirit of the craftsperson.


       If you get those feelings, you immerse yourself in them and try to keep them as long as possible. When you can get more enriched life by using those things then you deeply feel the importance and pricelessness of the relationship between people and things.


         We ask the craftsperson or artisan about design, materials, works and others and then touch and look at their traditional tableware and choose them at their shop.


         We always try to choose the best thing for our customers and care about what they use to feel comfortable everyday.